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Buying Property in Portugal Faqs

Buying Property in Portugal Faqs

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Buying Property in Portugal Faqs

25.02.2022 – Buying Property in Portugal Faqs helps you to understand about Golden Visas in Portugal. How to get citizenship & passport in Portugal. You would also find the new Golden Visa Rules in Portugal.

Golden Residence Permit Program in Portugal

Portuguese residence permits via investment for non-EU nationals provide an opportunity to obtain resident status. It is also contributing towards eligibility for a citizenship application after six years as a resident. Buying property in Portugal faqs will give you the main principles of the Golden Visas in Portugal and buying process in Portugal. We will explain what parts of Portugal is now allowing investors to buy Portugese properties and obtain Golden Visa with their investment. Portugal Golden Visa properties are now maninly located in the inland of the country. Is Lisbon, Porto or Algarve are allowing you to get the Golden Visa? Check the below map and cities are allowing you to obtain Portugese Citizenship.

Previously, residence was granted where investments were made in Portugal in one of the following forms:

i) The purchase of real estate of EUR 500,000 or more.

ii) Capital investment of at least EUR 1 million to a Portuguese bank account or flexible investment.

iii) The creation of at least 10 jobs in Portugal.

Rules for the Golden Visas in Portugal

In September 2015, four new qualifying options were introduced.

The new options for Capital Investment are:

i) The transfer of funds of at least EUR 350,000 to be applied to research activities carried out by entities which are part of the national scientific and technological system.

ii) The transfer of funds of at least EUR 250,000 to be applied in investment or support for artistic production. Alternatively investing in the recovery or maintenance of national cultural heritage.

iii) The transfer of funds of at least EUR 500,000 for the acquisition of units in investment. You may also venture capital funds for the capitalization of small and medium size companies.

New Rules introduced on 01/01/2022

The advent of the COVID-19 pandemic has likely slowed progress on the revamp as it’s been almost a year since the government first signalled the revamp.

However, as it indicated it would in early 2020, the administration has confirmed Lisbon and Porto and some of the popular areas along the coast will be off-limits to investors from overseas looking to secure visas through investment in property.

You can now find these Golden Visa allowed estates in these below regions in Portugal;

Portugal Golden Visa Map

New Rules for Golden Visas in Portugal

As our map showing all of these green areas are allowing for the Golden Visa invesments in Portugal. Lisbon, Porto, Silver Coast Cities and Towns as well as the Algarve Region properties are excluded from this scheme. Please contact us for further information and let us to find you the right property in Portugal.

More Information

The new option for Property Acquisition is:

iv) The purchase of a property priced at EUR 350,000 for the purpose of refurbishing it can entitle you to apply for a golden visa. However, such properties must be more than 30 years old or be located in areas of urban regeneration. The EURO 350,000 threshold includes not only the property’s price but also the investment in the refurbishment.

There are minimum residency requirements in order to qualify for the renewal of the Golden Residence Permit. However, these are very modest: seven days during the first year of residence in order to be entitled to the first renewal. Also 14 days over the two subsequent two year periods necessary for renewals.

Buying Property in Portugal FaqsBuying Property in Portugal Faqs

Portugal Golden Visa / Why you should invest in Portugal via us:

Golden Visa Portugal with €500,000 property investment.

We are the only company in the market who operates this scheme with a comprehensive procedure. We provide the full services of buying a property in Portugal and gaining your Schengen Visa and Citizenship in Portugal. Many companies do advertise this scheme but they do not offer the properties in advance whereas, we offer the legal advice, telephone interviews, email confirmation, airport pick-up & drop off service and assistance in the process of living in Portugal for you and family.

The Portugal Golden Visa program has proven to be the most popular scheme in Europe. it is now more popular with investors attracted to its flexibility and benefits. Launched in 2012 the investor visa program has been actively promoted internationally by the Portuguese government. An investment of €500,000 in real estate in Portugal will gain a residency permit for a family including dependent children. The golden visa can be renewed every two years providing the applicant spends two weeks in the country every two years.

Permanent Residency and Citizenship

One of the most attractive options is to apply for permanent residency after 5 years and citizenship after 6 years without the need to reside in Portugal. You may even get your EU Passport after 6 years of residency. Please note that terms and conditions apply. In fact, the applicant and their family need only visit for two weeks every two years in order to renew the Portuguese Golden Visa. Citizenship of Portugal gives the right to live, work and study anywhere in the European Union.

Basics of how to get a Golden Visa in Portugal:

  • Investment of €500,000 or less
  • Full family residency including couples’ mother and father
  • No requirement to reside (you would only need to stay in two weeks in the country)
  • Buy and Rent
  • Permanent Residency from 5 years
  • Citizenship from 6 years
  • Passports from 8 years*
  • Sell your property after your full citizenship
  • EU Schengen visa travel
  • Full Residency Rights including Schools in Portugal

Property Investment

The property market in Portugal had suffered from the credit crisis in Europe between 2010 and 2014. This recession has caused 20-30% loss in the property market which is the right time to invest in Portugal now as the property market has been recovering speedily since 2014. We highly recommend investing in Lisbon Region where you may get really good rental income and increases in value of the properties. Investors buying into the real estate market in Portugal for the Golden Visa now have excellent prospects for capital gain in the coming years.

Other Golden Visa Programs via Keyholders International Property Group

Portugal is not the only country in Europe offering a golden visa program leading to a residence permit through real estate investment. Visit our pages on Spain and Greece to compare the immigration investment requirements and benefits of their golden visa residency programs. We are also able to offer this service in Cyprus. Please contact us for further information.

Successful Golden Visa Applications

We have our own office in Lisbon Portugal. We have completed Golden Visas for investors from Russia, UAE, Iran, US, Turkey, China, Vietnam, Hong Kong, South Korea, Brasil, New Zealand, Australia, Pakistan, Canada and South Africa. Our company has extensive experience in dealing with this process , we also offer a diverse property portfolio for our investors. The buyer of a suitable property would be eligible to apply for the Golden Visas in Portugal.  Our professionals would be there for you from the beginning until the end. Check our portfolio for Portugal here.

About Keyholders International Property

KHI Property team can speak English, Turkish, Russian, French, Dutch, Arabic and Portuguese. We have a few more offices in Lisbon, Edinburgh, Istanbul also in Fethiye, Turkey. If you wish to know more about this unique property or would like to arrange a viewing trip for it, please click here to leave your contact details.

We also have many customer feedback on our Facebook Page and you are most welcome to visit and view those testimonials here.

Our each unit is suitable for the Golden Visa Applications for the several families. Although, our current portfolio is suitable for the Golden Visas, rules are changing in July 2021. You can read more about changes to the Golden Visa Programme in Portugal here.

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