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Villas For Sale In Uzumlu Surrounded By Great Natural Beauty

Villas for sale in Uzumlu are in one of the more picturesque areas of Turkey and so the very thing if you appreciate natural beauty and stunning scenery. But if you’re contemplating purchasing here, you’ll want to know what property for sale in Turkey orproperty is like in the area. This article outlines what you need to know about Uzumlu and real estate here.

The name ‘Uzumlu’ is derived from the word ‘uzum’, meaning grapevines. It’s no surprise to hear, then, that grapevines grow in abundance in the environs. The area is perfect for those looking for the relaxed, quiet pace of country living. It’s surrounded by rolling fields teeming with pine forests; and olive, citrus and grape groves. But don’t think this means you’re too far from civilisation. There are plenty of amenities nearby, and the coast is within striking distance too: in actual fact, Fethiye is a mere 15km away, so you’re not far from the action at all. With all this grape-growing viniculture, you will benefit from the renowned local wine making too, so that it a treat in store! The majority of purchasers looking for villas for sale in Turkey are doing so because they intend to relocate or are choosing a holiday home for themselves. They are drawn to Uzumlu by its sweeping country vistas, the superb locally grown produce and the placid way of life. If you’re no fan of the bustle of tourist hotspots, then the unique character of Uzumlu is going to be ideal. You should also benefit from a great deal more for your money here when purchasing a villa.

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