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Villas For Sale In Kalkan – A Hotspot For Brits

Villas for sale in Kalkan enjoy great popularity amongst the British, something that’s immediately apparent to any visitor there. It’s hard to pinpoint just one factor for this: it is neither the most glamorous nor the cheapest part of Turkey either. But all its plus points add up to a place that’s hard to beat, especially if you’re looking for somewhere rather less commercialised than Fethiye or Bodrum.

There’s still a strong sense of community in this small, friendly town. It’s well served by plenty of upmarket restaurants too, and the peace is by no means destroyed by the close proximity of the airport. Development in the locality hasn’t destroyed the wealth of natural beauty here either. It’s true that you won’t find great beaches in Kalkan, but they’re only a short drive away if you head towards Patara and Kaputas. All these factors combine to make Kalkan a fairly ideal option for those looking to buy villas for sale in Turkey to live. You’re relatively close to the tourist scene and beaches while having all the benefits of a peaceful location and community life. If you choose to visit your villa just a few times a year, there’s great potential to make a return on your investment by leasing it out to people who prefer to stay in villas instead of hotels here. Estimated gross yields exceed 10 per cent for some of the best-located villas, although four to six is more typical. As land prices have increased, property prices have dropped, so you should get great value for money.

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