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Villas For Sale In Fethiye – Finding Your Ideal Property In Fethiye

Villas for sale in Fethiye strike a chord with many for various reasons. One of these is that Fethiye is open for business all year round. Another is that it’s in close proximity to the popular resorts of Hisaronu and Ovacik, to name a few. What if you want to purchase a property here? There are various options available to you.

In the town itself, an apartment overlooking the bay will set you back £100,000 or more. While plots of land are few and far between, building your own house is still an option if you have the budget for it. Perhaps instead, though, you could choose to settle on one of the islands that lie close to the harbour, like Sovalye for instance. Here, a sea-facing villa will cost you around £700,000. Don’t be dissuaded by these large price tags: there are still other choices that won’t break the bank. Try the Calis Beach area, located to the west of the centre of Fethiye: it’s affordable, and it’s relatively flat, making it a magnet for those seeking villas for sale in Turkey for their retirement years. With a wealth of pretty bars and restaurants along the seafront, a starting price of around £45,000 for an apartment is well within reach of many. Even a three-bedroom villa will only cost around £100,000. If you want to consider the holiday resorts of Ovacik and Hisaronu, which are close by, you’ll find that Hisaronu in particular has a younger vibe. Apartments here start from around £60,000. Ovacik is a little more affordable and a lot quieter; apartments here begin at £50,000, with the price for a villa rising to around £100,000.

These are just a few of the many options in terms of apartments and villas for sale in Fethiye. Now, to find the right one for you, ask Keyholders International Property Group. We specialise in property for sale in Turkey for non-Turkish nationals. Our website, http://keyholdersinternational.com/, covers what you need to know.