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Villas For Sale In Didim – What Didim Has To Offer Purchasers

Villas for sale in Didim and Altinkum are rising in popularity. British ex-pats have flocked here over the last decade or so; and with yet further investment being made into the area, it’s on the cards that these two areas are set to create ever-growing interest. Read on to discover the prime slots for property purchasers.

Despite the huge investment being made, one thing you can be sure of is that Didim and Altinkum are not going to ever be over-developed. There are firm legal restrictions on the types and amount of property that can be built here. One of these is a height restriction: in Didim, for instance, seven storeys is as high is it will ever get, and closer to the beach, this is further reduced to five storeys. No skyscraper will ever obscure your view here! Prices for property at present are still reasonable, and with the prospect of future development, albeit restricted, there’s every chance they are set to rise over the coming years. The ex-pat community is said to number roughly 2,000 at the moment. Most base themselves in Didim rather than the Altinkum seafront, as the latter can become packed during high season and deserted over the winter. Didim town, however, is lively all year round, with popular districts including the Apollo Temple, Yesilkent, Mavisehir and Third Beach. If you’re in search of a holiday home, Akbuk, Hunters Valley, the new Marina Road and central Altinkum are top spots to look. The locals tend to stick to the centre of town itself.

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