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Villas For Sale In Belek – Ideal For Golfers

Villas for sale in Belek: whether you’re looking for a holiday home or to purchase a property as an investment, Belek is ideal. Many people think of it as the top Mediterranean golfing destination, and much of its tourist trade is attributed to this. Whether you’re a fan of the game or are simply hoping to benefit from a regular monthly income from rentals, Belek should stand out on your radar when seeking property for sale in Turkey.

Belek is well located at only 15 minutes’ drive away from Antalya and 30 minutes from the airport. At the time of writing, it features no less than 14 golf courses, all of an impressive quality, but also highly affordable too. Many people see Belek as being certainly as good as Spain and Portugal, but much cheaper too. If you are hoping for a regular, ongoing rental income, you could do a lot worse than consider Belek. Equally, it’s a delightful place to own a holiday home. As the land that backs the hotels and golf resorts is government owned, the authorities have managed to designate it for new development. With this land also adjoining the beach and sea, you can see that the amenities here are simply superb. When it comes to what you’ll pay for property here, of course, you’ll pay for this prime location. Those with less to invest, though, in second homes or an apartment or villa for their retirement, are still well catered for by the more affordable properties in less built-up areas, such as the coastal developments between Side and Belek.

This explains a little of the context of the property market in Belek, and if you’re keen to own a little piece of golfers’ paradise, speak to Keyholders International Property Group about villas for sale in Belek. Amid our wide array of Turkey villas available, there’s something to suit everyone. See our website, http://keyholdersinternational.com/, to find out more and call us on 0131 464 0064.