Understanding Your Neighbour’s Culture Before Buying Land For Sale In Kalkan

Land For Sale In Kalkan

Turkish culture is very much about being sociable, and that can come as quite a shock if you come from a more reserved culture or community. Given this you are likely to be invited to your neighbour’s home very soon after buying land for sale in Kalkan. Being able to visit, open your house, and meet people in general without making cultural faux pas is important.

Let’s talk about general cultural faux pas first, before moving onto what to do if you are invited into apartments in Turkey. One of the worst things you can do in a number of countries, particularly Muslim countries, is show the soles of your feet or shoes to someone. The feet are in contact with the ground and are therefore considered one of dirtiest parts of the body. The same goes for the soles of your shoes, so pointing them at an individual is considered an insult. This includes putting your feet up on a table or chair in public. Another way to avoid insulting people in Turkey is to not to create the OK symbol with your fingers. Doing this is basically the same as calling them a very rude name for part of your bottom. When out and about in Turkey visiting places of interest from your Istanbul property, remember if they are remotely religious in nature you should dress modestly. In some areas of Turkey, it is also best to be aware of the religious calendar and to dress accordingly during religious periods. Similarly, not everywhere is open to, or normally frequented by women. Turkish tea houses are men only, but tea gardens close to apartments in Istanbul are open to everyone.

As a sociable culture, you are likely to be invited to the homes of your neighbours, or to take part in their celebrations, very soon after buying land for sale in Kalkan. If you are invited to a wedding or circumcision party then firstly, remember not to take alcohol, and not to expect there to be any at the gathering. Some people in Turkey do drink, and if they do, then it is ok for you to partake too. But, if you are unsure, then it is best to avoid taking any with you. If you are invited to a family occasion, then take a small gift of jewellery or money for the person being celebrated. Cards and wrapped presents are not really the way to go and if you do offer something that is wrapped, it won’t be opened in front of you. If you are invited to your neighbour’s home it is likely to involve a meal. You will be greeted at the door and given slippers to wear; generally, shoes are not allowed inside the house in Turkey. Food is taken quite seriously in Turkey, so if you are invited to join a meal, be prepared to be there a while and to enjoy several, if not many, different courses. How the food is served and eaten will depend on the area. It is not unusual to be seated on the floor of a Dalaman property with the food served in the middle for everyone to help themselves.

Understanding the culture of the people near where you plan to buy land for sale in Kalkan will help you to make the most of your time there. Whether you are planning on using the land as holiday homes in Turkey, or making your move more permanent, a little knowledge always makes you more welcome.

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