Turkey – Are You Undecided? Rent First and Buy Later?

Turkey – Are You Undecided? Rent First and Buy Later? If you’ve holidayed in Turkey for a number of years, then you’ve probably succumbed to the temptation of checking out property prices in the Turkish holiday resorts.

Turkey - Are You Undecided? Rent First and Buy Later?

After all, some estate agents have office fronts strategically placed amid the souvenir, clothes and shoe shops for exactly that purpose. They’re hoping expansive, white-fronted homes sometimes priced at roughly a third of what you’d expect to pay in the UK are going to be a real draw.

Turkey – Are You Undecided? Rent First and Buy Later?

Indeed, if you’re not careful, you could even find yourself sitting at their desks discussing how you could finance the purchase of a property in Turkey which would offer you a new home in the sun.

Time for a reality check

But, like many things in life, the vivid picture they paint of a comfortable and relatively easy life as an expat can be a long way from the reality so, before you fork out for a deposit on a nice little duplex with a pool, it might be best to rein in the enthusiasm and to stop to think …

First of all, expat life in Turkey may seem idyllic from the perspective of a summer visitor. With all those beaches, wall-to-wall sunshine and lovely friendly people, what is there not to like, right? But, before you sell-up in the UK, invest a lump sum from your savings or cash in your pension, have you thought about renting property first, both to acclimatise and to get to know the area out of season?

Winter life

Believe it or not, it does rain – and when it does, it means it. Temperatures can also drop below freezing at night in December and January so you’re going to need a home which can keep heat in during the cold months as well as out in high summer.

Meanwhile, you’re going to find summer resorts like Ölüdeniz and Hisarönü are not much more than rows of locked and bolted roller-doors and shuttered windows in winter and many of the shiny, happy people will be long gone.

Turkey – Are You Undecided? Rent First and Buy Later?

It’s certainly true that those who do stay have more time to chat and you can still enjoy evenings round a fire in some of the bars and restaurants which open all year round. But, once you cross the line from free-spending tourist to thrifty resident, don’t be surprised if the locals’ attitude towards you changes too. It’s a fact of life that their livelihood revolves around visitors and, once you’re no longer one of them, you may find you disappear off their radar.

The Language Barrier

As a visitor in summer, you’ll no doubt find you can get by without speaking Turkish at all; everyone seems to be fluent in English and happy to use it. However, once you become a resident, you’ll notice, without any Turkish in your armoury, you’re going to be reliant on others – particularly when it comes to dealing with officialdom for things like your residency application.

It’s not insurmountable but for some it can lead to feelings of helplessness or a lack of control – uncomfortable for captains of industry used to management positions, for example.

We’re estate agents specialising in the sale of Turkish property to UK residents so, of course, we’re not saying don’t buyproperty in Turkey.  There are some real bargains to be had in some truly stunning locations and, if you do make the jump once well-prepared, there’s every chance you’ll not regret it.

Turkey – Are You Undecided? Rent First and Buy Later?

But renting first can make all the difference. It’s not hard to find a decent place – perhaps with its own pool – for under £400 a month so why not spend a year or two checking out possible locations for your future permanent home in Turkey, getting to know a few people, learning a little of the language and adjusting to a completely different culture?

Better that than refuse to remove the rose-tinted glasses only to find your “little piece of paradise” is not at all what you dreamed it might be. contact us

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