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Real Estate Istanbul Turkey – Getting To Grips With The Market

Real estate Istanbul Turkey has been receiving more attention from foreign investors as of late. Istanbul is massive city, with roughly 14 million people living there, and there are so many different properties to choose from. This is why it is imperative to know your market before you invest in Istanbul real estate. Read on for more information.

There are a number of different areas in the city that have become established as prime locations for investment. This includes Bomonti, Beyoglu, Caddebostan, Bahcesehir and Besiktas. The latter has long been an investment area that has attracted a lot of interest. Here, you can expect your investment to pay you back within just 17 years. This is because the rental prices are high, and there are a lot of upper-class neighbourhoods too. One area that appeals to families with young children is Bahcesehir. You can expect rental yields of roughly five per cent in this area. In the heart of Istanbul’s European side, you will find Beyoglu; however, you will need a large amount of capital if you are planning to invest here, as the property prices are high. One area where you need to invest sooner rather than later is Bomonti. This is because property prices are expected to double in just five years, which means you could make a quick return on your investment if you act quick. If you want an up-and-coming area where you can pick up a bargain, consider Beylikduzu, Gaziomanpasa, Kagithane and Kifirtepe. Rental yields are high and stable in Beylikduzu, with a return on investment expected within just 16 years.

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