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Real Estate In Istanbul For Sale – Determining What Kind Of Investor You Are

Real estate in Istanbul for sale attracts a wide range of investors. This is why it is so important to determine what type of investor you are before you dive into the property market. If you are unsure about this, read on to find out everything you need to know.

If you are looking for property for sale in Turkey, and you have a budget between £35,000 and £70,000, it is advisable to look for properties just outside the city that have been designed for the purpose of commuting. Good examples are Beylikduzu and Bahcesehir. There are plenty of new developments here, offering steady appreciation and a realisable rental income. If your budget is somewhere between the £70,000 mark and the £280,000, you should focus your search on commuter properties in the city suburbs. This is ideal for families who work in Istanbul, as they need to be close to the city, yet they want somewhere safer and quieter so they can raise a family. You can be sure of a great return on investment and reliable rental income by catering to this demand. If you have a much larger budget, then you can afford to be looking for mid-range luxury properties. This includes Istanbul real estate such as lavish apartments and villas that have impressive facilities and are in the city centre. Good areas for this are Besiktas, Beyoglu and Bomoni. Finally, you can opt for a luxury penthouse apartment or villa with huge returns if your budget is over £700,000.

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