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Property In Turkey – Why Invest In This Country?

Property in Turkey is increasingly on the agenda for Brits longing to retire to the sunshine or looking for that perfect holiday getaway. In fact, incomers are drawn from all over Europe to this beautiful country, with around 35,000 Brits owning homes here alone. While Spain is still the most popular and traditional market for ex-pat Brits, Turkey is definitely on the rise. There’s no doubt this country has a lot to offer and there are good reasons for opting for property for sale in Turkey over Spain. Not least of these are the low cost of living and competitive housing prices. Families and couples in semi-retirement really will benefit from lower bills, especially when it comes to paying for utilities.

Factors To Bear In Mind Before Exploring Property For Sale In Turkey

But before you get carried away and start searching for property for sale Turkey, it’s best to take a realistic view of the move. There are certain factors that need to be taken into account, things that are different in Turkey and that might affect your daily life. Not that this should be a barrier: after all, one reason for buying holiday homes in Turkey is to live a different life to the one experienced in the UK. But they should be borne in mind before committing yourself. The prime factor many forget is that Turkey is hot. This sounds ideal to rain-swept Brits, but in fact, in summer, the heat can be overwhelming; almost too much to bear. It’s worth experiencing conditions while you’re on your search for properties Antalya based or elsewhere so you have an idea what you’re letting yourself in for. Another issue is that the food will be very different. The Turkish people eat a much wider and adventurous range of fresh food than perhaps you’re used to, and this may be a shock to your system. Culturally, there are marked differences between Brits and Turks too, but in a good way! Turkish people are far more relaxed and open, friendly and keen to welcome you to their country. Learn about a few customs before you go, though: for instance, blowing your nose in public is frowned upon as being unhygienic and rude. You should also be prepared to remove your shoes before entering a Turkish home too. It may not sound much, but knowing how to appear polite will help you settle in better.

Thinking Of Purchasing Apartments In Turkey? These Tips Will Help

Don’t rush into a decision when you’re visiting apartments in Turkey, although it might be tempting to get your move sorted. Be wary of real estate agencies that try and hasten your decision along, even if the property you’re viewing looks like a decent investment. This is a major move and you need balanced advice. Research the agency you plan to work with by reading reviews from past customers. You want to know if they were treated fairly during their purchase. You should also explore different areas and draw up a short list of the pros and cons of each. While research like this takes time, it will pay off in the end, whether you work with your agency to find somewhere in Antalya or Istanbul; or select properties Bodrum wide instead. Equally, in each location you explore, make sure you see as many options as you can. It’s all too easy to completely fall for a property in Turkey based on the look of the pool or the stunning view. But these visual features won’t count for anything unless you’ve done due diligence to make sure the property is structurally sound. Take the time to check out the amenities available in the immediate vicinity too, before you sign on the dotted line. Your new life won’t be so appealing if there’s no bank or supermarket nearby. Choose a good estate agent and you’ll benefit from plenty of good advice on aspects like this, and they will appreciate your patience. One company that offers top customer service and an enviable track record is Keyholders International Property Group.

Your Perfect Property In Turkey Comes Via Keyholders International Property Group

Our main goal at Keyholders International Property Group is to help foreign nationals design their new lives in Turkey. Certainly, it’s a huge step for any family to take, and that’s why we invest our resources in local specialist knowledge in property for sale in Turkey to help you make the right decision for you as individuals. We aim to offer helpful yet impartial advice at all times and won’t rest until you have found the property of your dreams. If you’re hoping to make the move to property in Turkey soon, why not start your search on our website at http://keyholdersinternational.com/? Call us on 0131 464 0064 for an informal chat or with queries.