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Property In Istanbul For Sale – Why You Should Invest In Istanbul Property This Year

Property in Istanbul for sale is much sought after and has been for years. It is the largest city by population in Turkey and is also the country’s economic, cultural and historic centre. With a huge selection of landmarks, a fantastic story and a perfect climate, it is easy to see why Istanbul property is much in demand.

But the attractions of the city notwithstanding, there are many other factors that should persuade you to invest in property for sale in Turkey or in Istanbul this year. If you’re used to London’s high process, you will be thrilled with the cost of living in Istanbul. Simply put, you will find you need far less money to enjoy a far better standard of living if you relocate to this city. Aside from basic living costs, Turkey features low prices in all other areas too, from dining in restaurants to partaking in leisure activities. If you’re keen to invest in an additional property and wish to avoid paying a second stamp duty in the UK, many experts advise you to buy abroad. You will save yourself the cost of standard stamp duty plus an extra three per cent which is payable in the UK. Istanbul is also renowned for offering properties within all price brackets and to suit all requirements too, so there’s no doubt you could find something you could afford. Don’t worry about language and cultural barriers either: the locals are extremely welcoming of foreigners and most people in Istanbul speak English. The icing on the cake is that the buying process is largely straightforward and things move fast.

If you would like to consider property in Istanbul for sale further, then Keyholders International Property Group has what you need. Search through our website, http://keyholdersinternational.com/, to get an idea of the property for sale in Turkey that we have available. If you have any questions, please do call and chat with us. You can reach us on 0131 464 0064 or 07828 260041.