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Property For Sale Istanbul – A Home For Every Budget

Property for sale Istanbul located offers options for every buyer. While you may think it’s out of your reach after seeing the glamorous locations in James Bond films, you should be reassured that properties are available in all price brackets. It’s highly unlikely that you will find yourself priced out of the housing market here.

Turkey is advancing in leaps and bounds in the property market. Recently, legislation has been enacted allowing non-Turkish nationals to buy twice as much land as they could previously. Research by Urban Land Institute and PwC backs this up, showing that Istanbul is now Europe’s most lucrative property investment market. The city is extensive and offers much in the way of attractions and amenities. As noted above, its opulence makes many think that house prices will be well beyond their reach; but this simply is not the case. Shop around, and you’ll find there is something for your budget. Studio apartments are available for as little as £40,000; but if you have a huge budget, there are also extravagant houses with price tags of over £10 million. Calculate your budget with care and inform your estate agent of your upper limit when searching for an Istanbul property and they’ll tailor their search to your needs. As an example, one area that offers great value for money is to the west of Istanbul, towards Ataturk International Airport, as property here is plentiful and prices tend to be cheaper.

No matter whether you are interested in property for sale Turkey or Istanbul based or anywhere else in the country, Keyholders International Property Group has the portfolio to fulfil your requirements. Our extensive range of property for sale in Turkey offers something for everyone, and our experienced team will guide you along the way as you make your purchase. Read more on our website at http://keyholdersinternational.com/.