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Property For Sale In Dalaman – What Taxes British Nationals Will Pay

Property for sale in Dalaman is something that’s becoming increasingly popular to British buyers, both as an investment property and as a holiday home for the future. Whichever is your requirement, one area you need to pay close attention to is the different tax regime in this country.

Whether you purchase or sell a property, there will be an amount owing in tax for the land transfer. This is currently set at a rate of 2% in Turkey, and is payable by the seller and the property purchaser. It is calculated by the value of the property for sale in Turkey; but it’s important to note that the ‘tax value’ as calculated by the local municipality cannot exceed the declared value of the property. If you intend to make an income on the property you buy in Dalaman, you must factor in rental income tax. This means that whether you’re leasing your property out to a business or an individual, a tax return must be completed, laying out the rental income derived from it. The tax return must be submitted to your local tax office between 1st and 25 March each year; while the amount owing is paid in two instalments in March and July. Finally, Local Property Tax must be contended with as well. This is calculated on the value of the property in question and again, must be paid in two instalments. However, these payments are due in May and November.

This is a brief summary of the taxes you will need to pay if you take the leap and purchase property for sale in Dalaman. If you’re still persuaded it’s a good idea, let our team at Keyholders International Property Group help find the perfect Dalaman property for you. Our experience spans many such purchases as our clients have found their dream property for sale in Turkey. Find out more at http://keyholdersinternational.com/.