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Properties Altinkum – How Much Does Purchasing A Property Cost?

Properties Altinkum wide may be something you’ve been looking at for a while. But there’s much to research and take into account before you take the plunge. One major factor is budgeting: what is the total cost of property in Turkey? Rest assured, this is not limited to the asking price. There are taxes and other expenses you will have to pay also.

Your tax liability will differ depending on the type of property you purchase. A re-sale property will incur commission fees payable to your agent. You’ll find this figure comes to around three per cent of the purchase price. Buying off-plan or new-build property for sale in Turkey, incurs slightly different costs. A bill of 4% is usually payable to the government rather than the agent. But this doesn’t represent 4% of the value of your house; instead it is four per cent of the council tax value. This actually means it is quite a lot cheaper in the majority of cases, as many properties will be set at a price level above the upper limit of the council tax band. If you are considering buying land, be aware that you will be liable to pay a commission fee to the agent. This is also set at around three per cent. Non-Turkish buyers can also add legal fees to their costs. Typically, expect to pay around £1,000. Additionally, you may need Military Clearance, so it is likely this will result in additional expense too.

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