Let’s Move To … Portugal

Let’s Move To … Portugal

Portugal's Parliament Building In Lisbon.

The stunning architecture of the Parliament building is typical of the quality and elegance commonly seen in the region.

Millions of people will have some wonderful and treasured memories of time spent on holiday in Portugal.

Uncrowded sandy beaches, long sunny days, perhaps the world-famous golf resorts, the exotic food and drink, the music and dancing; a heady mix which, for many, is enough to warrant a return – if not just once then perhaps several.

For a few, it could be tempting enough to prompt thoughts of a new life, either as the owner of a holiday villa or even as a full-time expat.

But, if you did make the jump, what could you expect from a new life in Portugal? Would life really be like one long holiday or would you find it somehow different?

Making Your Dreams A Reality

If you’ve got as far as considering it, our advice would be to do some research first. There are plenty of internet forums for expats who have already made the jump and it won’t take you long to find them. Ask questions – even the ones you may think are silly – and find out what you can about things like the real cost of living, cultural differences and the nation’s politics.

If you’ve already visited Portugal on holiday, then you will have some experience yourself but everyday life and holiday life are as different in Lisbon as they are in London so it might be worth considering another trip – but this time for research.

Why not visit a few estate agents, find out what you can about renting and buying property, have a look along residential streets rather than the tourist strips, use the local shops and supermarkets and even try a meal or two away in some of the back-street restaurants?

Scare Yourself

Hire a car, buy some petrol at a local garage, go to the cinema; once you’ve done a few of these things you’ll have a feel for how much of a language barrier you may face and just how exhilarating – and scary – life away from everything we’re used to can be.

In Portugal, it’s probably more boisterous, more raucous, more spontaneous and more gregarious than Britain – but if you leave thinking it’s also more fun, then you’ve probably taken your first big step towards a new life in the sun.

And the next? Well … why not give us a call? We can help with some of the logistics and paperwork when it comes to relocating – and, of course, we have a list of villas and apartments for sale. Just drop us a line or give us a call and we’d be delighted to help if we can.

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