If you’re planning a move abroad and selling your home, there are plenty of blogs like ours out there which will provide all the pointers you need when it comes to preparing for the big day. MOVING HOME – TALES OF THE UNEXPECTED might help you to be aware of some of the little pitfalls you may come across.

But, no matter how well prepared you may think you are, the chances are there will still be things which are going to sneak up and make you grimace or put a crimp on your day.

When you move house – particularly if you’re relocating overseas – there are just so many variables it rarely goes without a hitch so, drawing on the experiences of some who have already made the giant leap, we thought a few examples of things which can come from left field may help.

One of the lovely homes you could move to.


You did your research and picked your destination – but …

… although some family and friends will support you, others will give you THAT look. When you ask why, it’s at that point they relate some horror story or other about someone else who moved there. It may not be first-hand; it may be something they heard related down the pub. Nevertheless, they may seem to quite enjoy retelling the story with apparent relish.

What do you do? First of all, remember it’s probably just hearsay. After all, you went through a diligent process to pick your location so you made a choice based on solid information, right? It’s probably best to thank them for their concern but go with your gut feeling.


If you’re selling property, viewings are exciting – but inconvenient …

… because not everyone is going to be able to work around your schedule. Even if you’re remaining in the UK, it can be hard to fit a visit by a prospective buyer around work, the school run, your gym session or whatever. But, if you’re relocating overseas, there are a myriad of other tasks which need doing – not least the numerous trips to the charity shops and the tip as you declutter after years of hoarding. In fact, sometimes, it can seem as though your agent is deliberately picking slots which disrupt your life. By all means, ask if the viewing can be rearranged; most buyers will understand that you have your own commitments. But our advice would be to go with the flow as much as you can.


Something just broke …

… and you have a viewing booked in an hour. It happens. The trick is to stay calm. If water is pouring through the ceiling or spurting from a tap, then fair enough; you may have to ring your agent and try to rearrange. But, if one of the kids just put a football through the garage window or you dropped the tin when you were applying a dab of paint, it may not be the disaster you think it is. Most buyers won’t see it as a permanent problem and may even empathise a little with your predicament. Remember, there’s a good chance they’re selling too…


You have a buyer – but they can’t sell …

 and there’s not much you can do about this one. If you’re fair-minded, you like the potential buyer and if you’re in no real rush to move, you can play a waiting game. Alternatively, you can let your agent know that you’re still open to offers should there be any further inquiries about your property. Another option is to consider a short-term rent while you wait for the chain to catch up. But, just the same, it can be frustrating to know that, although you’re ready to go, the next step in the process might be out of your control.

Something just broke – again …


… and, this time, it was just after you moved into the new place. Sometimes problems arise as a result of the many and varied challenges around moving house and, with big lumps of furniture coming in, there’s sometimes a higher risk of some of damage. First of all, try to ensure any removal firm you use is insured against damage. Also check in advance if the property you’re moving to is covered by any warranty. If not, then it looks like you’ll have your first opportunity to learn about the local tradesmen. You’re probably going to need them so, before you move, why not see if there are any Facebook groups or online advice forums you can scour for recommendations? Jotting down a few names could save you time and more than a little stress.


It’s Over …

… and, surprisingly, the release of tension can leave you feeling washed out and even more vulnerable to illnesses. New surroundings sometimes mean we don’t sleep as well for a while either so try to give yourself time to recover after your move and get used to your new environment for a few days. Making a new home should be enjoyed, not rushed so take your time and try to savour the moment.

If you think we can assist with anything else involved in moving house, feel free to give us a call or drop us a line. We’re here to help if we can.

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