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Luxury Apartments In Istanbul For Sale – The Benefits Of City Apartments Compared With Coastal Properties

Luxury apartments in Istanbul for sale – are you wondering whether you should go down this route or opt for a coastal property instead? Although many people do prefer the latter, you should definitely consider Istanbul itself. Properties in this city are considered a safer bet. Below, we will reveal why.

When you compare apartments in Istanbul with those in other major European cities, you will notice that they are much cheaper. This is an exceptional opportunity. Needless to say, you will want to act sooner rather than later, as prices do rise all of the time. However, if you’re buying a property to rent out, you may be of the mindset that it is better to look for coastal property for sale in Turkey so that you can attract all of the tourists that visit the country every year. But is this really the better investment opportunity? Istanbul is considered Turkey’s future, as it has a young population. Young couples often look for places to live in Istanbul, and there are a lot of them – after all, there are over 350,000 weddings in Turkey per year. They can afford to buy or rent as well, as there is a strong economy and low unemployment. People are also looking for new and better buildings, as half of the country’s existing housing stock needs to be replaced or renovated, hence the construction boom. The local market is much less liquid than the vacation market, so you will find you have plenty of options if you should you ever decide to sell.

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