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Land For Sale In Kalkan – Things To Consider When Purchasing Land

Land for sale in Kalkan could be a lucrative option for you if you have fallen for this stunning town. Many wealthy people have been drawn here by the beautiful views and authentic feel, and any investment in land is proving to be a sound one. Maybe you’re looking for the perfect spot to build your own property in Turkey to live in? Whatever your circumstances, this article offers some top tips.

No land purchase should be made without careful consideration. Your main one should be to explore what will be permitted on any given piece of land. It will be a huge disappointment if you hand over your hard-earned cash and then find that building restrictions prevent you doing what you had planned. Finding out what use it can be put to after purchase will help you determine whether or not it’s suitable for your requirements. Bear in mind that the lie of the land can also be an issue. Turkey is quite mountainous in regions and what looks like a great spot on a map can turn out to be impractical for building. After all, construction on a steep slope can be expensive at best; impossible at worst. It really is recommended that you physically visit any plot you’re thinking of purchasing. Lastly, in terms of practicalities, you’re well advised to ensure that the appropriate utilities are available on site, or can be. In other words, will you have access to phone, gas, electric, drainage and water? There is little point in building there if there will be no fresh water source for the inhabitants.

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