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Istanbul Property Sale – Errors To Avoid When Buying A Property Abroad

Istanbul property sale is something that appeals to many foreign investors. The mistake made by many, though, is to leap in headfirst without having done the necessary research. This can lead to costly mistakes. Here are a few of the most common errors you should avoid.

The first and largest of the mistakes made when purchasing an Istanbul property is failure to plan ahead. The inexperienced investor may see a property for sale in Turkey and buy it simply because it looks like a bargain. They have no overall investment strategy. It’s important you begin by creating a longer term for your investment and then seek out the right property that matches this. Another common error is in assuming that your purchase will make you rich overnight. There’s no doubt that property bought in Istanbul can prove a lucrative investment, but this tends to happen over a period of years. Research the market, look widely around for sound options and never rush into a purchase. Besides this, a common miscalculation is when it comes to the numbers. Make sure you know what liabilities come with property ownership and plan for them, such as property maintenance and management. It’s easy to forget about this expenditure in the excitement of your first investment. There will be costs associated with advertising the property for rent; insurance; local taxes; and possibly mortgage payments to be considered. Don’t let your asset become a liability.

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