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Holiday Homes In Turkey – How To Get Started On Buying A Property In Turkey

Holiday homes in Turkey are increasingly in favour with foreign nationals. Other Mediterranean hotspots are all well and good, but if you fancy something a little more exotic, Turkey may be the place for you. Find out more about buying in Turkey below.

There’s no doubt that the country’s position, with Syria on its eastern borders, has people understandably worried about visiting the area, let alone purchasing property in Turkey. Bear in mind, though, that Turkey is a vast country, and there are few people who visit it and don’t instantly fall in love with it. From the hospitable climate and friendly, welcoming locals to the beautifully diverse inland scenery and its stunning coastline, there is certainly a lot to love about it. More than that, the cost of living is much cheaper here than some of the more obvious destinations in Europe, like Spain for instance. That doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of luxury properties available if you have the budget, and these easily rival the likes of Marbella and Cote D’Azur. So where should you focus your search? Istanbul is a major draw for investors and appeals to those looking for a complete change of lifestyle. But many seek the coastline, ending up along the stretch that runs from Alanya to Izmir. The Bodrum peninsula is also popular, though. With British Airways flights now flying to Dalaman and Bodrum, this has opened up the area to top-end tourism. There are also plenty of ex-pat enclaves in resorts and towns across the country; these people are drawn to the low cost of living and taxation as well as the relaxed lifestyle.

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