Explaining Why Alanya Has Become A Real Estate Hotspot

Real Estate In Alanya Turkey

There may be other cities that you think of when it comes to looking for property for sale in Turkey. However, the modest city of Alanya on the south coast remains one of the top places that foreign nationals look towards when buying property. So why has real estate in Alanya Turkey became so sought after?

At major points in history, Alanya had a geographically strategic importance to many major empires that had extended their reach into the Mediterranean. The Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman Empires are just but a few of the ancient powers that coveted this location. Today, it also serves a different kind of strategic importance to the Turkish government: it is a tourist hotspot for Europeans. Since 1958, tourism has been the city’s most prominent industry. For this reason, it has become a place that many foreign nationalists know of and, as such, it leads them to buying real estate in Alanya. But in such a vast and wonderful country, why Alanya? Well, we’ve already covered one reason: its history. The city and wider district of Antalya Province is packed with sights and ruins from Turkey’s contested past. But the city isn’t lost in its history as, thanks to its incredibly warm climate, it is home to many sporting and cultural events. Plus, who could ignore the fact that there are 330 days of sunshine in Alanya every year? You are guaranteed to experience some of the longest lasting summers in the world, while also experiencing warm winters. As you can imagine, the climate plays a big part in why people seek properties for sale in Alanya.

But there’s more: choosing to buy real estate in Alanya Turkey is a terrific financial investment. There are a lot of reasons why this is the case. The first relates to the favourable property price compared to other locations in Europe – ensuring that buyers get more for their money. However, due to Alanya’s growing reputation, property prices continue to increase. Buying sooner, rather than later, will yield larger profits if you come to sell the property in future. Not only are there lower house prices in Alanya, but there’s also a lower cost of living too. The costs for essentials such as food, electricity and water remain at a lower level when compared to other European destinations. So not only can you buy terrific properties at affordable prices, but you can also afford to live there too. Lastly, the process of buying Alanya real estate for sale is very simple with the right person to help you. Turkey is very friendly towards foreign nationals who are looking to buy property in the country. That being said, there are clear differences between Turkish law and UK law, so it helps to have a real estate professional on board who knows the local area and laws.

For those looking for a laid back lifestyle, new friends, and a fresh start, there can be no doubt that you should seriously consider buying real estate in Alanya Turkey. Amongst all of the property in Turkey, Alanya’s real estate is amongst the top investments that can be made within this vast and wonderful country.

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