Enjoy Cafe Culture From Your Istanbul Property Investment

Istanbul Property Investment

Istanbul is a vibrant city, that like many others has embraced cafe culture. Alongside the traditional tea houses, and tea gardens, there are a growing number of modern coffee houses and cafes that are a must to visit. Whether you are in Istanbul to complete your Istanbul property investment, or are moving there full time, these are just some of the cafes you need to visit.

The Ara Kafe is located next to Galatasaray High School, so it is very easy to find. The walls of this vibrant café are decorated with photographs, which give it a very individual and unique atmosphere. The café is often frequented by photographers leading to interesting conversations and experiences for those visiting the café. Cuma is a perfect stopping place while looking for Istanbul property investment opportunities. It is located in the Cukurcuma area not far from the Museum of Innocence. It is surrounded by antique shops and has a beautiful terrace to enjoy. The café has a homely atmosphere complete with rooms set out as they would be for a family, including having toys on the shelf. Both of these cafes have diverse menus that include meats, fruits and grains. If it is beverages you are looking for rather than food, then Dem Karakoy should be on your list of places to visit.  This café plays host to over 60 different types of tea. To help you choose the tea you want to partake in, the café also runs tea smelling sessions. These in themselves provide a great distraction from searching for property for sale in Turkey. FilBooks makes its mark on the café culture through its extensive photo book library along with its experienced baristas and range of drinks and snacks to keep you energised while searching for property for sale in Istanbul Turkey.

Food and drink close to Istanbul property is not just celebrated through cafes and restaurants. Alongside the unique and individual cafes, there are regular food festivals, and food walks organised to give visitors and new settlers a real taste of Turkish cuisine. Taking the time to experience the food and culture of the locals is a great way to meet new people and find out whether an area is right for your Istanbul real estate investment. Food is an important part of Turkish culture and social gatherings often focus on shared food and shared meals. Different neighbourhoods have their own unique take on Turkish foods and this is important to note if you are looking for a neighbourhood to settle into. It is equally important if you are looking for to buy property in Istanbul to let as a holiday let. After all, if you want to make a profit on your investment tourists and travellers are going to need to want to stay in your property.

Of course, the local cuisine, cafes and tea shops are only one part of the decision as to where you buy your Istanbul property investment, but they are an important part. The food and the social connections that develops alongside it are important and affect the type of people that will be interested in staying in your property. If you are looking to buy the property for your own use then the decision is still important, if a little easier to make as you are only catering for your own tastes and interests.

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