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Dalaman Villa For Sale – What Do We Mean By The Term TAPU?

Dalaman villa for sale is high on many investors’ shopping lists. If you have it in mind to consider a move here, or wish to invest in accommodation for the holidaymakers’ market, you may have come across the word ‘TAPU’. What does it mean for you as a buyer?

When property is bought in the UK, the purchaser receives a copy of the purchase contract; but you won’t get a similar document in Turkey. Rather, you will be given a TAPU, or title deed in English. Without this, you cannot prove ownership of the property in question. The Turkish equivalent of the Land Registry in the UK is known as the TAPU office and it is this that issues the all-important document. It is an extract from the Turkish real estate registry and will inform anyone reading it of all details pertinent to that property. It lays down its location, property type and will also include a photo of the owner. Of the two types of TAPU available, the red is the most common and is held by the owner of a house or an apartment in a complex. By contrast, a blue TAPU is issued where the property in question is either building land or farmland, so it’s likely few individuals relocating from the UK will receive this document. Red TAPUs are further divided into two sorts, the Kat Mulkiyeti and the Irtifaki Kat. The Kat Mulkiyeti denotes legal ownership of a finished building and is issued after the contract has been signed at the TAPU office. The Irtifaki Kat, by contrast, is issued instead where ownership of an unfinished building and its land is being determined.

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