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THE HITS AND MISSES OF A NEW LIFE ABROAD At the moment I have a cold … Not earth-shattering news, admittedly – but, when you haven’t had one for approximately four years, it’s remarkable enough to warrant a note in the diary. But the bug – probably brought specially from England by a visiting family member – also prompted a train of thought about what you may miss when living overseas. So, just in case you’re thinking of making that giant leap and starting a new life in the sun, here are five things you may find hard to do without to.

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CONSIDERING A NEW LIFE AS A LANDLORD? Some things you need to know… If you’re considering a new life overseas but you own property in the UK already, you’ll have two options to consider. First of all you could sell your home, releasing a considerable amount of equity which you can either use to purchase a property abroad or invest in a savings account, which – when combined with a pension – might pay you enough in interest to cover your rent and be enough to live on. The other option is to let your current home and then use the rental income to cover your living.

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HOW YOU KNOW IF YOU’RE WINNING AS AN EXPAT Ask those who have already done it, and you’ll probably be told that upping sticks and moving to a different country is one of the most exhilarating but scary things you can take on in life. If you’re considering doing the same, some friends and family will definitely call you brave, others perhaps stupid – but most seasoned expats will probably tell you they’re neither; they’re the same person they always were before – just in a different place. And it’s the place they’ve chosen to live which makes the difference. HOW.

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MOVING ABROAD? MIND YOUR LANGUAGE… Just for a moment, imagine you work behind the counter in a shop or behind the bar in a pub and someone from another country comes in. They obviously want something and they spend a bit of time looking before turning to you and addressing you in a foreign language. There’s a good chance you’re not going to understand and you may say so – only for them to become increasingly impatient, repeating their question slowly and perhaps in a slightly louder voice. Of course, the language is still strange to you and, even spoken.

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The Beauty of Portugal

The Beauty of Portugal Potugal is one of those places about which there is rarely a bad word spoken. The reason why perhaps lies in its friendly people and its easily accessible tourist areas. Geographically it is a region of the world that is reachable for many people. It’s also part of the EU which means that if you are coming to Portugal from a non-EU country, you will already have your Schengen visa sorted out and you can also explore other countries in the EU (except the UK), which can make for an exciting and interesting trip. Lisbon Airport.

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Is 2018 The Time To Get A Move On?

Is 2018 The Time To Get A Move On? Christmas and New Year tends to be a time when we take a moment to sit back and take stock of our lives. Of course we know having family round and enjoying a few glasses of mulled wine can lead to a little sentimentality – either about how things are right now or how they used to be; and there’s nothing wrong with that. But, as well as the inevitable nostalgia, it’s also a time when we look to the future and make promises to ourselves and, for some, that may.

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