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MOVING ABROAD? MIND YOUR LANGUAGE… Just for a moment, imagine you work behind the counter in a shop or behind the bar in a pub and someone from another country comes in. They obviously want something and they spend a bit of time looking before turning to you and addressing you in a foreign language. There’s a good chance you’re not going to understand and you may say so – only for them to become increasingly impatient, repeating their question slowly and perhaps in a slightly louder voice. Of course, the language is still strange to you and, even spoken.

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Is 2018 The Time To Get A Move On?

Is 2018 The Time To Get A Move On? Christmas and New Year tends to be a time when we take a moment to sit back and take stock of our lives. Of course we know having family round and enjoying a few glasses of mulled wine can lead to a little sentimentality – either about how things are right now or how they used to be; and there’s nothing wrong with that. But, as well as the inevitable nostalgia, it’s also a time when we look to the future and make promises to ourselves and, for some, that may.

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REASONS TO BE CHEERFUL If you’re not careful, you can find yourself being a little dispirited by news about the Turkish property rental market at the moment. It’s certainly true it’s become a little more complicated to let out a villa or apartment since the Government in Ankara increased security in the wake of the attempted military coup and a spate of terrorism attacks in 2016. But the measures were not meant simply to make life more difficult for landlords from overseas. Indeed, the restrictions were largely around beforehand; the only difference is that, these days, they’re being enforced to make it.

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Which Overseas Destination is Right for You?

Which Overseas Destination is Right for You? When you’re think of buying a home overseas what is it that you have in your minds’ eye? Do you think of being near the sea? Or, do you come from a built up city and dream of having a lovely view of the green forests? Whatever it is, it’s all available for you but the most important thing is to think hard about what you want so that you can narrow down your search and make it specific to your requirements. Everyone has heard the story of the Estate Agent who takes.

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Where To Buy Property In Turkey For Sale

Turkey is a terrific destination for UK holidaymakers. Straddling the worlds of Eastern Europe, the Mediterranean and Middle East, Turkey is a real cultural hotbed that makes it such a captivating location for a vacation. So it’s no surprise that many UK holidaymakers look to buy property for sale in Turkey. If you are also interested in finding your own villa in the sun, where should you buy property in Turkey for sale today? Despite the populations of Turkey and the UK being similar in size (78 and 65 million respectively), the UK is just a third of the size.

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