Why Buy Property In Altinkum?

Villas For Sale In Altinkum

Those looking for villas for sale in Turkey are generally doing so because they want to have a special holiday home that they can use to get away from the hustle and bustle of their busy lives. This is exactly why so many people look at villas for sale in Altinkum in particular.

But why is this the case? Well, Altinkum is a small town on the Aegean Sea at one of the westernmost points of Turkey. It is within the administrative district of Didim, and often the names Altinkum and Didim are used interchangeably to describe the area. It is located further along the west coast than more well known places where people look at property for sale in Turkey such as Alanya, Fethiye, and Bodrum. As a result of ‘living’ in the shadow of these cities and regions, Altinkum used to be overlooked as a place to buy real estate. However, over the past decade, that trend has been changing. Many major developments have taken place in the area. This has included a new marina complex complete with revamped seafront and improved roads connecting Altinkum to larger locations such as Izmir and Bodrum. This seaside resort is home to numerous 5-star hotels, and there are even plans to develop two new 18-hole golf courses in the wider Didim area. As these developments continue, it is likely that the prices of villas for sale in Didim will only increase as time goes on.

But, for now, it is possible to find beautiful modern villas for sale in Altinkum at around about the £100,000 mark. That’s an astonishing price for real estate that is guaranteed to yield a very good return in just a few years. A large part of Altinkum’s popularity amongst Britons is actually to do with the fact that most foreign nationals living within the area are actually British. This has perhaps led to it being labelled as the ‘Blackpool of Turkey’ by many. However, these Britons are also being increasingly joined by a number of other European foreign nationals too. So there is plenty of similarity and diversity for those looking to move to Altinkum. Also, expect local Turkish nationals to be extremely friendly and welcoming too. They are mostly made up of older people and families. The reason for this is due to many being former residents of larger cities who invested in Didim real estate as holiday homes during the 1980s. When it became too expensive to live in the burgeoning cities, many of these people permanently moved to their Altinkum and Didim summer houses.

So if you are looking for property in Turkey, you should definitely consider Altinkum. With villas for sale in Altinkum at terrific prices that will guarantee a great return on your investment, there’s no reason not to look at holiday homes in this splendid area. There’s much more to Altinkum and Didim than what’s covered here, but hopefully, you’ll have a better idea of what to expect from this laid back location.

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