LOOKING FOR RECOMMENDATIONS? WHY AN OPEN MIND IS FOR THE BEST… If you’re looking to move overseas, one thing you’re probably going to find enormously useful are the forums and Facebook groups set up by folk who have already made the jump or are thinking of doing so. They can be a veritable mine of useful information, pointing out the pitfalls those who have gone before may have fallen into, giving you a heads-up on local dos and don’ts and a conduit to trustworthy professionals who can help with anything from a leaky tap to buying a house. But, while.

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The Growth Of The Theatre Close To Real Estate For Sale In Istanbul

There is a lot of tension across the globe right now and following the recent referendum, Turkey is no different. However, its residents and those looking for real estate for sale in Istanbul seem to be taking everything in their stride. Not only do the numbers of people looking for quality homes and real estate in Turkey continue to grow, but so too do attendance numbers in the theatres. Theatre in Turkey is a unique combination of traditional and modern approaches, techniques and stories. Theatres close to property for sale in Turkey are either privately owned and run, or are.

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How To Buy Property In Turkey Close To Your Favourite Sports

Sport is one of the most well-known national pastimes in Turkey. To find out how to buy property in Turkey close to your favourite sports and other pastimes, you need to start by understanding the sports that are most commonly played. That football is on that list should come as no surprise, but some of the others may. Football is a national sport and is played everywhere you look, from organised local teams, and kids on the street close to property for sale Turkey wide, to the leagues and the national team. Turkish people are very passionate about their national.

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Turkey and rules for carrying ID.

TURKEY – A PASSPORT TO AN EASIER LIFE In our last blog we did our best to put a little perspective on Turkey’s ongoing state of emergency (http://keyholdersinternational.com/state-emergency-not-can-see/) For most of us going around our day-to-day lives, it’s actually often hard to tell it’s in force but there are a few rules and regulations you probably need to be aware of if you’re visiting or intend to live here – at least for now. One of them is the issue of ID which, as you would expect, has taken on more significance in light of world events recently. It’s always.

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Enjoy Cafe Culture From Your Istanbul Property Investment

Istanbul is a vibrant city, that like many others has embraced cafe culture. Alongside the traditional tea houses, and tea gardens, there are a growing number of modern coffee houses and cafes that are a must to visit. Whether you are in Istanbul to complete your Istanbul property investment, or are moving there full time, these are just some of the cafes you need to visit. The Ara Kafe is located next to Galatasaray High School, so it is very easy to find. The walls of this vibrant café are decorated with photographs, which give it a very individual and.

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State of Emergency? Not that we can see.

TURKEY – IS THERE A NEED FOR AN EMERGENCY EXIT? There have been quite a few changes to life in Turkey over the last few months – not least because of the ongoing state of emergency – and our intention is to try to cover them off with a series of blogs over the next few weeks. First of all, we’d like to offer a little reassurance particularly to those who might already be part-way through the process of acquiring property in the country and are perhaps now wondering whether they should have embarked on what probably started as an.

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