Turkey and rules for carrying ID.

TURKEY – A PASSPORT TO AN EASIER LIFE In our last blog we did our best to put a little perspective on Turkey’s ongoing state of emergency (http://keyholdersinternational.com/state-emergency-not-can-see/) For most of us going around our day-to-day lives, it’s actually often hard to tell it’s in force but there are a few rules and regulations you probably need to be aware of if you’re visiting or intend to live here – at least for now. One of them is the issue of ID which, as you would expect, has taken on more significance in light of world events recently. It’s always.

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Enjoy Cafe Culture From Your Istanbul Property Investment

Istanbul is a vibrant city, that like many others has embraced cafe culture. Alongside the traditional tea houses, and tea gardens, there are a growing number of modern coffee houses and cafes that are a must to visit. Whether you are in Istanbul to complete your Istanbul property investment, or are moving there full time, these are just some of the cafes you need to visit. The Ara Kafe is located next to Galatasaray High School, so it is very easy to find. The walls of this vibrant café are decorated with photographs, which give it a very individual and.

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State of Emergency? Not that we can see.

TURKEY – IS THERE A NEED FOR AN EMERGENCY EXIT? There have been quite a few changes to life in Turkey over the last few months – not least because of the ongoing state of emergency – and our intention is to try to cover them off with a series of blogs over the next few weeks. First of all, we’d like to offer a little reassurance particularly to those who might already be part-way through the process of acquiring property in the country and are perhaps now wondering whether they should have embarked on what probably started as an.

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Stay Safe And Enjoy Life To Its Fullest With Istanbul Luxury Apartments For Sale

Knowing how to stay safe when you travel or emigrate is important, regardless of where you travel in the world. If you are looking for Istanbul luxury apartments for sale, either as a full time move, or an investment, then knowing more about the country and the potential hazards to look for can help you to enjoy you time to the fullest and safest. Istanbul is a lively, fun, friendly and welcoming place. But, like every city on the planet, it is not without its problems. These are generally very minor and involve making the most out of your tourist.

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Fun Facts To Explore From Your Choice Of Villas With Private Pool In Turkey

Whether you are looking for villas with private pool in Turkey as a holiday home or your new main residence, chances are you don’t know quite as much about the country as you think you do. Here are just some fun and interesting facts about Turkey that you might not know, and which could form the basis of more than one excursion. It is well known, that although a secular country, Turkey and the vast majority of its residents take their faith very seriously. What may come as a bit of a surprise is just how many mosques are present.

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Understanding The History Behind The Villas For Sale In Izmir

One of the many reasons why people choose to buy property in Turkey is because of its amazing history. In this respect, villas for sale in Izmir have a distinct advantage over many others for sale in other areas. Izmir has a recorded history that goes back over 4000 years, and has probably been inhabited by advanced human settlements even longer. Izmir is one of the oldest settlements in the Mediterranean basin. Archaeological excavations close to property for sale in Turkey and the area of Izmir, in 2004, indicated that humans have inhabited the area since the 7th millennium BCE..

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