MOVING OVERSEAS? IT’S A DOG’S LIFE TOO … For many of us, a new life somewhere warm and sunny overseas is a dream which tends to shrivel and die when we consider the practicalities involved in making it a reality. If we could just click our fingers and be there it wouldn’t be so bad, but it’s the potential complications which tend to put us off. Not least of those are the pets. You might look at the dog or the cat curled up in front of the fire and wonder how they’d cope with the move, the new climate.

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Why Yalikavak Is Rapidly Becoming A Property Hotspot

There’s no doubt that Turkey has established itself as one of the number one countries where property investment is booming. You can find a property for sale that can either be rented out locally or offered as self-catering accommodation for visiting tourists. But many UK residents looking for their place in the sun view Turkey as a new potential home too. As a result, many smaller coastal towns, particularly in the Muğla province, have become property hotspots over the past decade. It’s why many are now looking at villas for sale in Yalikavak. Previously, it was just a small, sleepy.

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THINKING OF MOVING OVERSEAS? LISTS ARE YOUR FRIEND… It’s a dream many of us have … We’re tired of the humdrum, feel stuck in a rut and, feeling driven to do something totally radical, our thoughts turn to starting afresh somewhere new. Many of us holiday overseas and have happy memories of our experience in another country where the sun always seems to shine. Before we know it, the thought of moving there permanently has got a foothold in our minds. For most, family or work commitments or the thought of having to learn a different language is enough to.

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What Has Made Property In Istanbul So Desirable?

So many UK buyers now look beyond the British Isles to try and either find that perfect home away from home, or in order to make an investment in a second holiday home. In the past, many countries such as France, Italy, America and Australia came to mind. But today, more and more people are interested in finding property in Turkey – particularly, property for sale in Istanbul. So what is it about Istanbul that makes it such a property investment hotspot? Well, a big part of this trend is to do with urban regeneration. Over the past decade, the.

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A Guide To Finding Great Properties In Turkey

Buying an apartment anywhere in the UK comes with so many considerations and potential pitfalls. So for those looking to find apartments in Turkey, those worries can be multiplied. If you’re in the UK, you will at least have an idea of what to expect. But Turkey? It can seem like a whole other world. But don’t worry, we’re here to present you with a short guide covering all you need to know before you buy property for sale in Turkey. First of all, the process of buying apartments for sale in Turkey is obviously very different from the processes.

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FIVE TIPS FOR A HAPPY NEW LIFE IN TURKEY If you’ve not lived abroad before, the prospect of emigrating is bound to be rather daunting to say the least. Holidays are one thing – but living in a country where the locals don’t speak your language, have a different culture and possibly even a different religion is not the same thing. Simply pointing and speaking a little louder might get you what you want to start with but, let’s face it, it’s not going to make you many friends. So, if you’re thinking of moving to Turkey, here are five.

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