WINTER IS COMING…   As the clocks go back and the nights draw in, the UK is probably already well-used to the idea that winter will soon be on us. But, as we normally associate them with sunshine, what about the places we all enjoy our holidays and where we dream one day we’ll have a place of our own? For example, we have property for sale in Spain, Greece, Turkey and Portugal which we all normally associate with long hot days, al fresco dining and balmy nights. But, as few of us rarely visit out of season, we don’t really imagine.

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MOVING HOME – TALES OF THE UNEXPECTED If you’re planning a move abroad and selling your home, there are plenty of blogs like ours out there which will provide all the pointers you need when it comes to preparing for the big day. MOVING HOME – TALES OF THE UNEXPECTED might help you to be aware of some of the little pitfalls you may come across. But, no matter how well prepared you may think you are, the chances are there will still be things which are going to sneak up and make you grimace or put a crimp on your.

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The Cost Of Leaving “Home”

The Cost Of Leaving “Home” – the costs of living in Turkey compared to UK   The Cost Of Leaving “Home” – If you happen to browse any of the online forums for expats one of the questions you sometimes see from those considering The Jump into a new life overseas is how much it costs to live abroad. Obviously, the answers are many and varied and will differ depending on the poster’s chosen destination. But what if it was someone considering a move to Turkey? What could you expect from a country which spans both Europe and Asia? What would be.

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HEALTHCARE IN TURKEY HEALTHCARE IN TURKEY – Living in the UK, we are often told how great our health service is and how lucky we are to live here and be benefiting from it. In many ways this is true, if you require genuine emergency care, once you manage to access a clinician, you will generally find their skills to be excellent and the care delivery should be expected to be derived from researched and proven treatment and care methods. It is very different from healthcare in Turkey. Other aspects of primary care, however, are often a different matter. Trying.

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Turkey – Are You Undecided? Rent First and Buy Later?

Turkey – Are You Undecided? Rent First and Buy Later? If you’ve holidayed in Turkey for a number of years, then you’ve probably succumbed to the temptation of checking out property prices in the Turkish holiday resorts. After all, some estate agents have office fronts strategically placed amid the souvenir, clothes and shoe shops for exactly that purpose. They’re hoping expansive, white-fronted homes sometimes priced at roughly a third of what you’d expect to pay in the UK are going to be a real draw. Turkey – Are You Undecided? Rent First and Buy Later? Indeed, if you’re not careful, you.

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Why Buy A Property In Hisaronu, Turkey?

It’s no surprise that so many people look to the beautiful scenery and warm climate of Turkey when buying a property abroad. But there are many other reasons why people look for property in Turkey. It’s a large, diverse country filled with hundreds of towns to choose property in. One of those places is Hisaronu and it’s possible to find terrific villas for sale in Hisaronu at great prices. But before Hisaronu’s benefits are discussed, it’s a good idea to explain why land for sale in Turkey is so sought after – especially by Brits. We’ve already mentioned the stunning.

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