GETTING YOUR PETS TO PORTUGAL If you’ve holidayed in Portugal and fallen in love with the country, few would blame you. Sultry nights, sunny days, long sandy beaches and a relaxed way of life can be hard to put down when it’s time to return home. But, for some, it gets under their skin so much they find themselves thinking about making a permanent jump and starting a new life overseas – and, for a few of those, thoughts become plans. There are obstacles along the way of course; finances to extrapolate, health care to consider, perhaps schools to examine for example. But, for.

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Loving Life In Portugal

Loving Life In Portugal If you’ve read our most recent blogs, you’ll have noticed we’ve been concentrating a little on moving to Portugal, shedding light on what there is to see and also how to get started if you’re thinking it might be where you hope to begin a new life in the sun. But let’s say you’ve made The Jump already and you’ve just settled in your new villa or apartment; what can you expect from your first few months “in country”? Park The Holiday First of all, we’d recommend you set a little time aside – and a bit of budget –.

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Let’s Move To … Portugal

Let’s Move To … Portugal Millions of people will have some wonderful and treasured memories of time spent on holiday in Portugal. Uncrowded sandy beaches, long sunny days, perhaps the world-famous golf resorts, the exotic food and drink, the music and dancing; a heady mix which, for many, is enough to warrant a return – if not just once then perhaps several. For a few, it could be tempting enough to prompt thoughts of a new life, either as the owner of a holiday villa or even as a full-time expat. But, if you did make the jump, what could you.

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The Beauty of Portugal

The Beauty of Portugal Potugal is one of those places about which there is rarely a bad word spoken. The reason why perhaps lies in its friendly people and its easily accessible tourist areas. Geographically it is a region of the world that is reachable for many people. It’s also part of the EU which means that if you are coming to Portugal from a non-EU country, you will already have your Schengen visa sorted out and you can also explore other countries in the EU (except the UK), which can make for an exciting and interesting trip. Lisbon Airport.

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Is 2018 The Time To Get A Move On?

Is 2018 The Time To Get A Move On? Christmas and New Year tends to be a time when we take a moment to sit back and take stock of our lives. Of course we know having family round and enjoying a few glasses of mulled wine can lead to a little sentimentality – either about how things are right now or how they used to be; and there’s nothing wrong with that. But, as well as the inevitable nostalgia, it’s also a time when we look to the future and make promises to ourselves and, for some, that may.

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THANK THE LORD FOR VPNs If you’re not that techy and you don’t really know the difference between your LAN or your WAN, a VPN may well be just one of those annoying bits of jargon for geeks. After all, there appear to be so many acronyms in computer technology it’s almost a language in its own right. However, if you do decide to invest in property overseas, a VPN is likely to be your friend. Indeed, if you want to catch up on all your favourite TV shows around Christmas, it could even be essential. What is a VPN?.

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