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Apartments In Turkey – Why You Should Buy Instead Of Renting In Turkey

Apartments in Turkey are plentiful, so if you intend to relocate to this highly desirable country in the Mediterranean, your main decision point is whether to rent or buy a property. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, but this article looks at just a few of the pros of taking the plunge and making a purchase.

If you decide to buy your property in Turkey, one of the main benefits is that you will have a tangible investment for your financial outlay. And what’s more, this is an investment that will grow your money with time. There’s little doubt that property prices in Turkey will continue to rise, so eventually, you will be able to sell at a profit. Additionally, provided you will use the place as a holiday home rather than a dwelling you’ll be able to lease it short term to holidaymakers. If you rent an apartment, you have less control over the longer term, as the owner may always decide to sell or otherwise change the use of the property. You’re also restricted as to what you can do in terms of DIY and other improvements to the house, which you will not be if you own it. Furthermore, renting restricts your options if and when prices rise over time. You are more likely to lose money over the longer term and are powerless to affect this.

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